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"You can still look fabulous on a budget", these are the words of Owner and Creative Director, Adrien Matthews-Leach. This phrase is more than just a statement that she leads within all her creative endeavors, but it's something she was taught.  Class Edge Couture is the perfect phrase to define Stylishly Vintage, but it first all started in the classroom of life and family...

Coming from a family of creative, artistic, and innovative men and women; Adrien started going to thrift stores and vintage shops with her Grandmother and Aunts' when she was just a little girl. Her grandmother, Anita Peterson, used to dress Adrien and her siblings for church. Anita used to buy them socks, dresses, hair-bows etc... that matched, all on a tight budget. Stylishly Vintage was just a seed then, but from the women in her family, Adrien learned the importance of having an eye for hidden treasures in the most unexpected places.

The birth of Stylishly Vintage didn't manifest until over 40 years later, with a request from Adrien's friend, Jearlean Taylor. After over 20 years in the fashion industry; modeling, producing fashion shows and styling, Jearlean asked Adrien to be a designer for one of her fashion shows. Shocked and uncertain, Adrien stepped out on faith and in 2009 created the very first collection of Stylishly Vintage. Her mission was to impart into women and men what she learned when she was just a little girl, that great treasures can come from small and unexpected places. 

Now, Adrien has expanded her creativity as a Designer, Stylist, Personal Shopper, Fashion Show Producer, Creative Director and so much more! As you look at our site, know that every item that you see is styled and created uniquely. Just like a finger print, no item is replicated. Stylishly Vintage is a way of being, and we live in a way that we Dare to be Different.

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